Buying a house raises a lot of questions. Over the years, we found that buyers we work with ask similar questions. We answer all of those questions (and more!) below.

How long does the entire process take?

About 6 weeks on average.

How much cash out of pocket do I need to buy a house?

3-5% of purchase price for deposits

Home inspection $500-$700 

Appraisal fee $600-$800 (paid during mortgage application process but counts towards closing costs)

$6K-$8K for closing costs 

How are we (agents) paid?

By the seller - they agree to a certain amount when they list their home.  Indirectly by you (the buyer) because you are buying their house but the seller covers the commission costs for both agents (buyer & sellers). It is included in the price of the home.

Can I move my stuff in before closing?

NO, NO and NO.  This is a very common question and the answer may surprise you.  It's not because you do not own the property until after closing and there are liability issues.

When do I need to come up with the down payment?

The day the Purchase & Sales Agreement is signed (about 2 weeks after your offer is accepted).

When can I get in and measure for furniture?!

After you are officially approved for your mortgage and there is usually a reasonable limit to allowed entries before closing.